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What is ECHO?

Earlier this month Ellen and I were at headquarters to connect with people preparing to serve with Africa Inland Mission. We made new friends and were encouraged to hear their stories and their plans. I’m not really part of the … Continue reading

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March notes

Here we are well into 2018. We started the year in Columbus, Ohio, where we had been with Ellen’s Dad and our kids and their families for Christmas. In January I had surgery to repair an abdominal hernia; no problems, … Continue reading

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Cuba Birds

October 2 – 7th I had the opportunity to visit Cuba with a team from ECHO. We were hosted by the United Methodist Church of Cuba and had an excellent experience. The purpose was to visit several sites and learn … Continue reading

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Fertilizer Trees

No, fertilizer as we normally think of it doesn’t grow on trees! But agroforesters and other agriculturalists are using this term for any tree that helps improve the quality of soil. One great example┬áis the Apple ring acacia (Faidherbia albida). … Continue reading

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