Bob and Ellen Hargrave

We are retired missionaries with Africa Inland Mission.

Bob and Ellen have been with AIM since 1985 when they first went to Kenya. As a tropical agronomist, Bob served the Africa Inland Church in Agriculture and Community Development ministries. Ellen, with degrees in elementary and special education, found many ways to engage with the women and children of the community while managing the household and homeschooling their children. She also served for several years as the Homeschool Coordinator for AIM in Kenya.

In 2003 they turned over a successful and continuing conference and training center to the Kenyan leaders and returned to the US for what they thought would be 2 to 4 years. Because of the needs of their parents, they are still serving in the US.

Bob was on loan to ECHO as the coordinator of agricultural consulting services for 18 years. He retired from ECHO at the end of 2021. ECHO is a Christian organization that seeks to honor God by helping those who are teaching farmers around the world how to be more effective in sustainably producing enough food to meet the needs of their families and their communities.

Ellen served full time with AIM as theĀ  Third Culture Kid Educational Consultant for the US Office of AIM. In that role she assisted our families who are preparing for mission work. She helped them prepare for guiding their children through the transition to life overseas and in figuring out the best options for their children’s education. She also gave practical educational support as they served.

They retired from AIM at the end of 2022.