Cardinal Nest at the Farm


This week we are at the Hargrave homestead near LaCrosse for Father’s Day. Sitting in the TV room with my dad we noticed a Cardinal fly into the camellia bush just outside the window. I wondered if she might be there for more than just a casual visit and when we looked more closely discovered the nest. It must be hot enough during the day that she doesn’t have to sit on the eggs so I snapped this picture without disturbing the bush while she was away.

Last week at Hickey’s creek I found 4 Florida Scrub Jays on the Palmetto Pines loop just after the turn south to return. The literature mentions that they will post sentinels to keep a lookout for predators. Sure enough one sounded the alarm and I looked up to see a Swallow-tail Kite overhead; really not a danger to the Jays, but alarming nonetheless.

Tarflower (actually in Caloosahatchee Creeks Preserve)
Tarflower (actually in Caloosahatchee Creeks Preserve)

Also noted at Hickey’s Creek were blooming Tarflowers (Bejaria racemosa) —

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