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Bob and Ellen HargraveAugust 2011

Dear family and friends,

Late summer greetings from Florida. Thank you very much for your friendship, encouragement and support over these past 26 years. We ask you to join us in praying that the years of ministry ahead of us will be our most effective yet! Ellen and I continue to stay busy with ministry and travel.

My usual week at ECHO includes answering e-mails from our network around the world, consulting with visitors and interacting with our interns. I also teach one or two sessions in the one-week courses that are conducted here. You can read all about those at

Some of the questions that come in are specific about crop selection, gardening in the tropics or pests and diseases while other questions are more broad. Sometimes people need advice about how to “do” agricultural and community development with their local community. I also help connect people. For example one contact recently asked us about the growing seasons in Zambia and I was able to forward his question to one of our intern alumni now serving there who was able to give him a first hand report.

Speaking of interns, in the last year or so the young people who have completed our internship are now serving in Burma, Thailand, Panama, South Africa, Haiti and as I mentioned Zambia. It is a great privilege to be involved with these incredible people as they prepare for service.

And just recently an opportunity has come up to consult on a project in Rwanda and visit our potential ECHO Regional Impact Center site in Tanzania. That trip is planned for early November.

Ellen reports

The Lord has given me the privilege of ministering here in the US to missionary families preparing for Africa as well as on site once they are serving on that continent. Every year I attend 5 Candidate Weeks for new missionaries at Africa Inland Mission’s US Headquarters. Beginning in October, these will be held at our new headquarters in Peachtree City, GA. This is a time when I begin building a relationship with our families and their children, and assist them in planning to raise and educate their kids in Africa.

One of the main reasons Christian workers leave the field is because of family issues. In my work, I am part of a team that helps our families not just survive, but thrive!Many of you remember the homeschool weeks that I organized and ran when we lived in Kenya. I am now part of a team who travels internationally conducting weeks like this. During these times we have workshops for the parents, as well as an educational program and academic testing for the kids. In the past year, I have been able to help with a multi-mission conference in Mozambique as well as several AIM events in Kenya. In 2012, I have opportunities to minister in Niger, Kenya and Chad.

As you may guess, all of this travel costs money. It has been exciting to see the miraculous ways that God has met these needs. If you are interested in helping with the cost of these trips on either a regular or one time basis, please contribute as outlined below with a note that this is for “Hargrave – Homeschool Position”. Many thanks in advance!

Change of address for Africa Inland Mission’s US headquarters

As mentioned we are in the process of moving the US AIM headquarters from Pearl River, NY to Peachtree City, Georgia. Peachtree City is in the greater Atlanta area southeast of the airport.If you are supporting us financially by mailing in checks, please send support gifts and other related items to the address below:

Africa Inland Mission, Attn: Receipting
P.O. Box 3611
Peachtree City, GA 30269-7611

For online giving go to AIM’s main giving page on the web at

We appreciate you very much.

Sincerely yours,

Bob and Ellen Hargrave

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