Sticking Close to Home

Late Feb. 2012
Ellen has been busy and traveling and I have remained relatively close to home.
In early January I had abdominal hernia surgery which was fairly minor but required me to refrain from lifting much of anything including suitcases. So no international travel for a while.
We have enjoyed time with our son, James, home from Tanzania for a few months.
At ECHO we conducted a one-week class in January and have had a number of visitors here for consultations.
Earlier this month our church in Fort Myers hosted a 4-day missions conference for the first time in many years. Ellen and I were involved in that as both hosts and participants. It was very encouraging to hear from the other seven missionaries present.
In March we are expecting more visitors at ECHO. In addition Ellen and I will travel to Albuquerque for a mini family reunion with our three offspring and in-laws. I am really looking forward to being with them there and also anticipating some good early spring birding in New Mexico!
April brings another one-week class to ECHO but hopefully you will hear more before then.

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  1. I didn’t know you had a blog! I just found it when searching for the ECHO website! Yay! Now I can get my Hargrave fix :).

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