April 2012 Update

Ellen is in Africa for a month!

You can read all about it (as well as some other family news) at http://bobnellen.aimsites.org/

Back to Africa myself!

The ministry at ECHO continues to be rewarding. Every week I interact with missionaries and development workers around the world who are striving to help their communities flourish. Most of this is done by e-mail but we have a steady stream of visitors and several week-long classes each year. I also have the joy of interacting daily with our group of ten amazing interns as they prepare to serve in missions and tropical agricultural development.

In May three of us from ECHO will be going to Malawi to consult with the United Methodist Church there. They have a farm that they plan to use for demonstration and training of pastors in effective low cost sustainable agriculture practices. And the timing works out so that I can go a few days early and meet up with Ellen in Nairobi!

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  1. Dear Bob and Ellen,
    Congratulations with your James and Daphne’s wedding tomorrow. May the Lord bless them and let them be a blessing to many!
    Johan Grobler

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