Here we are in 2014

January 2014

The last 3 1/2 months have passed quickly. We have traveled to South Africa (Bob), Atlanta (Ellen), Cincinnati, Albuquerque, and Gainesville; and celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year.

South Africa landscape
Bob spent October and most of November at Ukulima Farm in South Africa

Already this year Ellen has been to Atlanta again for AIM work and at ECHO we have hosted our first Tropical Agriculture and Development class of the year.

In the year ahead we anticipate traveling to the Vancouver, Canada area for a grandson’s first birthday in March. We also look forward to the birth of two more grandchildren this year.

Day to day we continue with the work where God has called us. Ellen helps families prepare for educating their children in foreign cultures.

snow in Ohio
We saw a little snow on Thanksgiving day in Columbus, Ohio

I spend my days at ECHO answering questions from people working with agricultural communities around the world. I also help as ECHO continues to make good information available on our website, with classes conducted here at our Fort Myers, Florida site, and with the training of our interns.

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