Camp Hargrave

My sisters and I try to get to “the farm” every summer to help Mom with maintenance and repairs and just hang out together.

Three of us along with Ellen spent a week there in July this year. Our week also coincided with a visit from my nephew Mark (sister Beth’s son) who has been teaching high school in Turkey for 2 years. It also marked the first year that Beth has been in the newly restored “Hargrave House”, our grandfather’s house that had fallen into disrepair. You can see the work Beth did to resurrect it on her blog “Blood, sweat and love, a journey of the restoration of my grandfathers house.

children on swingAmong other accomplishments was the installation of a swing in the big tree by her house. That project had been saved for Mark and involved getting ropes over a big limb about 25 feet up! The swing has already been enjoyed by numerous people.

Other scenes from the farm:

Old machinery
Horse drawn mower
shack in the woods
Old shack in the woods
old farm machinery
Tractor driven corn grinder

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