Summer 2016

The main event of this summer was a cross-country move for our son and family to Boston for seminary.
We started in Abbotsford, British Columbia (near Vancouver)
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loaded moving truck
Loaded and ready to roll. (photo: James Hargrave)

We crossed the Cascades, the Rockies and the Great Divide.

the continental divide
In Yellowstone (photo: James Hargrave)

And visited many rest areas!

Montana rest area
Montana welcome station.

We did take some time to sight see and also came across some interesting places.

Grand Tetons
The Grand Tetons
world's largest truck stop
Self explanatory! (Photo: James Hargrave)

After 12 days and 3,660 miles we unloaded the rental truck at Hellenic Holy Cross Seminary in Boston where James has started graduate school.

Unloading at seminary housing.

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